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Direct Ranger Fund

NGCO Supporting Wildlife & Conservation Rangers in the Field Worldwide.

The DRF is a Non-Government Charitable Organization founded in Malawi Africa in June of 2020.

We at the DRF are focused on one main task: The support of Wildlife Rangers serving in the field who risk their lives every day with minimal funding and government financing, beginning in Malawi and eventually growing to an international status.

These Park Rangers, Reserve Rangers and Anti-Poaching Rangers will benefit through the direction of equipment and supplies, healthcare and well-being support, as well as them overseeing programs for community education and aid whose goal is to counteract the temptation for poaching.

Through transparency, combined with international public awareness and marketed to a strong donor covenant, we will see our goals come to fruition by implementing ethical campaigns.

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Our primary goal is to establish and build a strong administrative financial base, with which we have already secured all the necessary registration, licencing and marketing start-up costs. We can now proceed to focus on the development and implementation of campaigns and projects for the DRF.

Our hope is that the information provided here helps you understand what we are attempting to accomplish in the years to come, and have a sense of why this is so very important to us all.

We encourage people to support us by following our Facebook page and Instagram page. Please like & share our posts to help our cause.

There are already many charities and NGO’s collecting donations and sponsoring campaigns internationally – However, we all know the reality is that they are not enough.

Our hope for DRF is to collect and direct private donations, qualified corporate aid and manufacturer sponsorship to not only our own projects and campaigns but also in collaboration with other worthy charities, NGO’s, associations and sanctuaries that focus not only on wildlife welfare but specifically on those that protect and promote their well-being.

Our goal is to fill in the gaps and have qualified people in the field directing what is needed, and to whom it is distributed to, we can then ensure that the most efficient allocation of your donations is met. Through our continual guidance at DRF we will strive to act in a transparent, professional manner.

‘Direct Ranger Fund – Making a World of Difference’ 

Due to the travel restrictions caused by Covid this past year and the delay in setting up our banking in Malawi we have decided to temporarily use a Go-Fund-Me, opened by our CEO in order to provide a secure avenue in US funds for our donation covenant. A tax receipt is offered through the DRF GoFundMe page. Direct deposits should be available by August 2021. But for now we hope this satisfies any queries regarding the donation avenue.

We know that Direct Ranger Fund goes only as far as the incredible people who stand with us. Thank you for your continuing support of our endeavour.

Our commitment at DRF is to keep administration and expenses to a reasonable level, direct the bulk of our donations toward the support of initiatives. Be in constant contact with those in the field. Lobby private or corporate investors and governments for financial strengthening.

Finally, to be out there, boots on the ground, in the air and on the water protecting the species that are in our charge.   For we are Rangers as well.

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