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The DRF is a Non-Government Charitable Organization that was founded in June of 2020.

From donations we will allocate and distribute much needed equipment, field gear and support supplies directly into the hands of Rangers through the careful co-operation of source manufactures.

The DRF will be collaborating with other organizations to meet the needs of campaigns that provide everything from education to healthcare. Our goal is not to act as competitors for a donating public, but rather acknowledge worthy projects through helping with financial and/or physical support. Additionally, we will design our own projects and campaigns that will specifically target current wildlife and habitat conservation issues. 


We at the DRF are focused on one main task: The support of Wildlife Rangers serving in the field who risk their lives every day with minimal funding and government financing, beginning in Malawi and eventually growing to an international status.

These Park Rangers, Reserve Rangers and Anti-Poaching Rangers will benefit through the direction of equipment and supplies, healthcare and well-being support, as well as them overseeing programs for community education and aid whose goal is to counteract the temptation for poaching.

Through transparency, combined with international public awareness and marketed to a strong donor covenant, we will see our goals come to fruition by implementing ethical campaigns. Our donor covenant is made up of individuals, manufacturers, distributors and corporate suppliers in partnership with government and land investors.


Our mandate to larger investors is for the purchase, partnership or financing of properties in duress. Funds will go toward the re-focusing of these reserves, parks, private sanctuaries and safari lodges into protected wild places, or ‘Wild Zones’ as we are calling them, that will limit human interaction and strengthen both species and habitat for the future.

By curbing the manipulation of humans and returning these areas to the truly Wild spaces they are, we hope to give animals the opportunity to work things out for themselves, as nature intended. This is the way it should be, free of adverse human interactions. Over a ten year period we envision an opportunity to concentrate on the hiring, training and placement of more Rangers for patrols. These Wild Zones will also be used through community and school programs to educate, encourage, and finally persuade future generations to continue to work in this noble endeavour.

The return on investment is to replace the temptation of poaching with the protection and conservation of animals, birds and marine life that will continue to thrive under our ever watchful eye, as well as lands that will naturally gain value as they evolve. We can then re-open them in the future to a more ethical, thoughtful, minimal-footprint and low-impact tourism market.

Direct Ranger Fund

Our commitment at DRF is to keep administration and expenses to a reasonable level and direct the bulk of our donations toward the support of initiatives, being in constant contact with those in the field, lobby private or corporate investors and governments for financial strengthening. Finally, to be out there, boots on the ground, in the air and on the water protecting the species that are in our charge.
For we are Rangers as well 

Phil Dankiw




P.O. Box 2571 Blantyre
Malawi, Africa




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