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We have big dreams for the future of the DRF.

However, we also have little dreams that can help our Rangers right now!

Donations are urgently needed. Equally, sponsors and volunteers are appreciated. If you wish to help us in any way, please contact us at:  [email protected].

Layer 1

Equipment Campaign

Allocate and distribute much needed equipment, field gear and support supplies.

Layer 1

Wild Zone Investments

Purchase or financing of properties in duress of failing and re-focusing these reserves as wild.

Layer 1

Council of Rangers

Using the collective knowledge in-field by forming a Council of Rangers, known as SCWR.

Layer 1

NGO Affiliates

Collaborating with organizations to help with campaigns, from education to healthcare.

Equipment & Tech Drive

Our in-the-field operations team must have the right equipment in order to do their job well. Some of the initial donations are being directed to equipping them with reliable tech, such as: DRF office infrastructure and laptops, field cell phones, cameras and binoculars for our Malawi Team.

More initiatives will be added as our in-field operations grow.


Wild Zone Investments

Our mandate to larger investors is for the purchase, partnership or financing of properties in duress. Funds will go toward the re-focusing of these reserves, parks, private sanctuaries and safari lodges into protected wild places, or ‘Wild Zones’ as we are calling them, that will limit human interaction and strengthen both species and habitat for the future.
By curbing the manipulation of humans and returning these areas to the truly Wild spaces they are, we hope to give animals the opportunity to work things out for themselves, as nature intended. This is the way it should be, free of adverse human interactions. Over a ten year period we envision an opportunity to concentrate on the hiring, training and placement of more Rangers for patrols. These Wild Zones will also be used through community and school programs to educate, encourage, and finally persuade future generations to continue to work in this noble endeavour.

“Our simple wish is to give nature and the animals that live within a vacation from our constant meddling.” 

African animals

Stewardship Council of Wildlife Rangers

Taking advantage of consultants that have worked in the field themselves and using their collective knowledge, we have formed the Stewardship Council of Wildlife Rangers. Through the SCWR we plan to take our ideas to the highest level possible and evolve into a strong international presence.

Our values:
Invest in Local Voices
Educate with Empathy
Implementation of Collective in-field Knowledge 

Stop Poaching

“Our simple wish is to give nature and the animals that live within a vacation from our constant meddling.”

ranger and hippo
African rangers



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